ASPFileSaver - ASP component to save file uploads

Key features:

Files can easily be attached to HTML forms using the <input type="file"> tag, and uploaded to a server. In ASP a component such as ASPFileSaver is needed to save the file. It is an ActiveX component and must be registered on the server before use.

The component functions allow the uploaded file to be saved on the server, subject to the Internet Guest User having the appropriate permissions. Alternatively, the file can be exported as a variant array variable where it can be saved into a binary database field or passed to an image manipulation component. It can be used with our ASPPhotoResizer component to resize JPG images before they are saved on the server.

In ASP, the Request.Form commands cannot be used with a form based file upload so we have included some alternative functions to allow the form variables to be read.

Note: This component only supports single file uploads.

Read the Online Manual for a full description of the functions.

Users of version 1.0 can upgrade to the 64 bit version 2.0 using their original download details at no extra charge.


We have some ASP examples available using ASPFileSaver and some also use our ASPPhotoResizer component for resizing JPG images: