ASPPhotoResizer - JPEG Image Resize Component for ASP

Key features:

ASPPhotoResizer is an ASP component / DLL that, once registered on the server, can be called from ASP or other COM enabled environments. Its main function is to resize JPEG images and it has three different resizing functions. ResizeImage sets the new height or width. ScaleImage resizes by a percentage scale factor and ResizeBox makes the image fit proportionally to a specified rectangle.

The amount of JPEG compression can be specified before exporting images and the DPI of the image can be changed if required. Some simple image manipulation functions are provided, such as Crop, Flip and Rotate. This component can read CMYK images and converts them to RGB. It can also read and write 8 bit greyscale JPG images.

JPEG images can be read in from disk or from a variant array variable, making it suitable for use with our ASPFileSaver component, and many other file upload components. Images can be saved to disk or exported to a variant array, allowing images to be streamed to the browser using the Response.BinaryWrite command in ASP. This binary export also allows the image to be stored in a database field as raw binary data.

Read the Online Manual for a full description of the functions.

Users of version 1.0 can upgrade to the 64 bit version 2.0 - here.


We have some ASP examples available using ASPPhotoResizer and some also use our ASPFileSaver component to upload images:

Note: ASPPhotoResizer works with JPG files only. If you need to work with a wider range of image file formats or if you require more image processing functions this component will not be suitable. If this is the case we would recommend another component instead - csImageFile from Chestysoft.